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South Church Welcomes You!

10:30 am Sunday Worship (9:30am July 2nd- Sept. 3rd.
Join us for fellowship hour following services

Online Worship

Can't join us in person? We welcome you to join us on Facebook Live during service time. An edited youtube version is available in the beginning of each week.

Previous Sunday Service

Worship Frequently Asked Questions

Is masking/distancing required?

Masking is optional for vaccinated individuals.

I am unable to or uncomfortable coming to church at the moment. Are there worship alternatives?

Yes. We currently offer a livestream via our Facebook Page and recordings on our YouTube Page.  The previous service is on display on this page.

Is the church physically accessible? Do you assist with other needs?

Yes. There is a ramp provided in the back of the church, and a chairlift to access the 2nd floor sanctuary. We have headphones for those who want audio assist. Our ushers/deacons are most willing to help.

Can children of all ages come to services? Do you have a nursery?

Absolutely. We typically offer church school during worship starting mid September. Please see the Christian Ed page for more details. We have not been having nursery service due to covid, but wiggling children and crying infants in our worship do not bother our Pastor one bit. Activity Bags are available to keep children engaged.  Feel free to come and go to keep those active young bodies happy.

Are you Open and Affirming? What is your stance on diversity?

South Church is a proudly open and affirming congregation. Please read our diversity letter.

Do you hold Communion?

Communion is held the first worship service of each month. We offer communion with separate elements and deacons will pass the service trays to distribute.  We will also make the single serving cups available for anyone who would prefer to receive that way.

Can I make an offering?

We welcome offerings during services. If you would like there is an offering collected.  Or you can hold up a hand to indicate that you prefer not to have the plate passed to you.  If you'd like to make an offering/donation outside of worship, please click here or send a check to PO Box 414, Kennebunkport ME 04046

How can I help with worship services, such as flowers, ushering, etc.?

Please contact our office and we'll be happy to connect you with one of our Deacons.

I have attended worship services and feel South Church is a fit for me. What is the next step? How do I become a member?

We would love to hear and help you move forward- please contact our minister, Susan Townsley, and she will fill you in on any details. There are usually meetings for potential incoming members.

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