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South Church Prayer Circle

In this time of pandemic, separation, and uncertainty, connecting with God through prayer is especially important. The South Church Prayer Circle is a group that offers prayers that have been requested on behalf of others. All information given to the Prayer Circle is kept in confidence.
If you wish to have prayers offered for yourself, a family member, or friend, and/or you wish to join the Prayer Circle, email Susan Twombly at

Inquirer's Class/New Members Gathering

Join Us!  February 7th, 2021 at 11:45am

Are you considering a closer relationship to South Congregational Church?  This meeting is for you!  Find out more about the history and culture of South Church, and more about what the United Church of Christ is about.  Facilitated by Rev. Susan Townsley and Deacon Jeff Buck.  

Passcode: SCC


Thank You Rev. Burt Howe and Pastor Renee!


The Deacons and the South Church community gratefully thank Reverend Burt Howe for his support in providing pastoral care from May through October, as we continued to navigate ministerial transitions and COVID restrictions.   Rev. Burt was an unfailing source of connection and comfort to those facing illness, surgery, grief and loss.  Deacon Elizabeth Grant presented a giclee photograph of the Androscoggin River, taken by King Montgomery, to Rev. Burt during videotaped worship October 11, as a thank-you for his special ministry.  The photo symbolizes the steadiness, serenity, and encouragement Rev. Burt brought us during these challenging times.      


The Deacons and the South Church community gratefully thank Pastor Renee Kaufman for her ministry in worship from May through October, providing spiritual support and continuity with her Children’s Messages and in leading worship during much of the fall.  On October 25, Deacon Elizabeth Grant presented an original painting by Marie Wilson-Lago, framed by Bill Clark, as a thank-you to Renee; the painting symbolizes the light and sunshine and sense of possibilities that Renee has brought to South Church during these challenging times.  We look forward to her continued vibrant contributions!