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South Church Deacons and Inreach

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The Deacons work closely with the minister to develop and nurture the spiritual life and well- being of the church by:
- Helping directly and indirectly with Sunday Services; support the Minister and assist in worship services, communion, holidays and baptisms.
- Organizing the ushering schedule and the flowers for weekly service and Easter and Christmas community flowers.
- Reviewing and approving requests for distribution of the Deacon’s Fund in coordination with the Minister.
- Meeting with, approving and welcoming those who wish to become members of the Church.
- Helping to minister to members who are unable to come to church. The Ministry of Caring connects church members to those who can’t get to church.
- Writing notes and reaching out to those in need of support.
- We encourage all members of the church to consider serving as a deacon. If you are interested in learning more, please reach out to Reverend Suzi or any Deacon for
conversation or more information.

We are always looking for ushers for Sunday Services. It is a wonderful way to connect with your SCC community.
Sign up at the church, Call Sarah at the office 207.967.2793 or call any Deacon to add your name to the list. (The names of Deacons may be found by using the “Tag” function in our Breeze.)

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