How we began...

In 1838, seventy members "in good and regular standing" sought to be "dismissed along with the pastor" from First Church, which was founded in 1730 and still stands one and a half miles up North Street. The new congregation, comprised of 11 men and 59 women along with Rev. Levi Smith were dismissed in good standing, moved into the present structure as a meeting place for village residents along the river.

To mark our 150th year anniversary, seventy members dressed as our 1838 counterparts walked down from our parent First Church for a service of celebration here. In 2013, our 175th Anniversary, we celebrated throughout the year with a special music concert, art auction as well as a community dinner.


Over the years, thirty ministers have filled the pulpit, with residence from six months to 34 years. The church membership has varied between 42 and a current figure of 347. 

Buildings are our facilities and faith is our calling. We invite you to come and learn more of our rich heritage and desire to serve God locally, nationally and globally.

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