Church Prelude, Advent and Christmas Events

Advent and Christmas: Lighting the Way

December 4, 10:30am

Advent 2 Lighting the Way with Hope: A new ruler whose activity looks nothing like that of kings of the past. 

Image by Augustine Wong

December 24, 4:00pm

Children and Family Christmas Celebration, storytelling and engagement for those wiggling with joy.

Image by Pawel Czerwinski

December 11, 10:30am

Advent 3 Lighting the Way with Joy: Mary sings of a joy that will extend beyond her private drama; it will be a joy for all.

Image by Augustine Wong

December 24, 7:30pm

Light is Born: long nights reveal the power of light to orient us to God's news of redemption.

December18, 10:30am

Advent 4 Lighting the way with Love: Joseph's story echoes the love god has for us, receiving us as family in the very heart of God.

Image by Katie Harp

December 25, 10:30am

Christmas poems and Communion by intinction in this very causal service of quiet joy.

Prelude Events

December 3, 9-4pm

Women's Association Craft Fair, Community House, upstairs.

December 7, 4:50-5:30pm

Carillon Christmas/Christmas Music, sanctuary

December 3, 11:30-1:30pm

Chili Lunch, Community House, downstairs

December 9, 4:30-5:00pm

Jingle and Mingle- Flute Caroling with students of Rachael Barter on church portico.

December 7, 2-4pm

Blue Christmas/Quiet time, sanctuary

Epiphany: A Season of Light

Image by Augustine Wong

January 1, 10:30am

Epiphany Celebration: Light to the nations, the light shines beyond boundaries.

Image by Augustine Wong

January 22, 10:30am

Epiphany 3: The blessing of the light which enables us to bless others.

Image by Augustine Wong

January 8, 10:30am

Epiphany 1: Anointed with Light in order to service with light.

Image by Augustine Wong

January 29, 10:30am

Epiphany 4: A city on a hill, communities living so others see Jesus.

Image by Augustine Wong

January 15, 10:30am

Epiphany 2: Living in Light as we are called into discipleship.