COVID 19 UPDATE: We are suspending Sunday morning worship at this time. All Sunday Services will be held online via Zoom. Please look below for details.  Palm Sunday will also be held online.  For all up-to-date info, please visit our April Newsletter.


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Dear Friends,


Some might say, "I was never trained to deal with a pandemic". I say, all Christians have been trained to deal with the most unusual and difficult of crisis. In worship we hear the words of Jesus as he dealt with a unique crisis. In worship we train how to respond in the times of great need. In worship we hear about our God who loves people enough to give endlessly to us. Now is the time we have trained for. Now is the time when we must be thoughtful about ourselves and our activities as well as others and their needs. Now is the time to alter habits and traditions for the well being of the larger community. Now is the time to find new ways to reach out to others including family, friends and neighbors. How we respond to the pandemic may well be what either makes the Church into what it was built to be or to reduces it into insignificance. We are created to be great and turn the world into what God created us and it to be. Let us be about our work.


The church will make efforts to stay in touch with all our people and to offer comfort and hope in a time of anxiety and distress. The church isn't going away, it is responding to the needs and crisis in a new way. We Christians are a people called to be courageous and creative in unusual times and we are in such a time. I believe when the coronavirus is no longer a danger, we will find ourselves to be stronger in our faith, ministries, courage and hope than we have been. It is time to be faithful to both God and others.

Peace and health to all.

Interim Pastor Don Hammond

-An Open and Affirming Congregation-

10:30am Sunday Worship



Our mission is to be an inclusive community of faith that preaches the word of God, teaches the love of Jesus Christ, and reaches out to all through the Holy Spirit.


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