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Angels Among Us

South Congregational Church believes there are Angels among us.  You may be one of them.  As a gift of hope, peace, joy and love, we have posted angel wings on the church portico and invite the community to come and photograph themselves and their friends, while practicing social distancing.  


The team that created this project included artists Lynne Carr, Sarah Berger, Katie Mooney and Jennifer Merry.  Students and children were invited to participate in the painting.  The paint was generously supplied by Port Hardware.  Steve Grabowski and Selden Crocker helped to create the structures and mounting.


Our new minister, Rev Susan Townsley, imagined the project as a way of providing some holiday cheer during Covid, and as a way of connecting the churches outward ministry to the community with our worship.  Worship services during Advent and Christmas will feature angels.  

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