Ad for Interim Minister

 Located in the heart of the historic coastal town of Kennebunkport, Maine, South Congregational Church, UCC is called to be the spiritual heart of the community by reflecting Christ’ message of love and service.   We are an open and inclusive community of faith with focus on respect for others and the values we hold in common rather than the things that separate us.  Sunday service is based in tradition and the South Church membership is actively engaged in addressing current needs in both the local community and beyond through a multitude of outreach activities.  In addition, we support the spiritual needs of our church community through home visits, Bible study, book groups and fellowship.  We have a vital church school education program and inspiring music ministry.  For the past 27 years, we have been blessed with a minister who has helped us grow in faith and commitment to Christian service.  South Congregation Church, UCC is seeking an Interim Minister who will serve all members of our faith community through a time of loss and renewal, help us maintain and strengthen our programs and assist us in navigating our faith journey towards finding our called minister. 

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