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News from Rev. Susan


The New Year is here with lots of opportunity...
...and history. 
We are who we are, and this year we won't suddenly become a scholar of Russian literature or a world class pianist.  Change is best undertaken with a sense of one's true nature and an incremental approach. 
In other words, if I dislike the morning, starting a new morning routine needs to be done ever so gently, celebrating the small accomplishment of getting up 15 minutes earlier, and then notching up to 30 minutes earlier. If your energy wanes in the afternoon, don't chose that as the time to start writing your memoir.  Engage in change work when your energy peaks.
Lifestyle and accomplishment goals are great.  Even better are goals that nurture the spirit.  Resolve to pray for the brother-in-law that has driven you nuts at every family gathering.  Or schedule charitable giving early in the year.  Or read the whole Gospel of Luke.  Or plan on participating in hands-on service in the community (might I suggest Bon Appetit, third Tuesday afternoons-- Susan Walters can give you more information). 
For my part, I am going to be looking for God-light in others, especially when they seem most annoying or irksome to me.  I may not be completely generous of spirit anytime soon, but some improvement will be worth celebrating.  

Rev Suzi