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News from Rev. Susan


From your pastor: 
What constitutes a good spiritual life? 
Well, there are probably as many answers as there are people.  Some love the sense of intimacy and caring for one another in community. Others find themselves connected to God when serving the needs of others in the neighborhood and the world.  Still others want a prayer practice that is quiet and personal.  And some want a communal worship service with live music, ancient liturgy and the gathering of the church.  
Early-church theological wisdom posits that churches require these marks:  

  • kerygma--the proclamation of the Gospel, which is both preaching and the capacity of individuals to share the good news in their own lives and contexts.

  • koinonia--the community of Christ, or fellowship. Christian spirituality is not in isolation, rather always connected with a "body" of others who challenge us, love us, reason and pray with us.

  • diakonia--or service.  While it shares a root word with Deacon, it is really about outreach ministries and service to the community and the least of these.

  • didache--formation, teaching, appretiship.  This is the work of growing our faith and cultivating practices that align us with  the Jesus.

  • liturgia--literally meaning the work of the people, in Christian contexts the word denotes the structure and content of communal worship practices.

These marks provide a good way for us to inventory our work as a church and our individual practices. 

  • How well do you think South Congregational Church does by these marks? 

  • What about your own Christian walk; what might you need to strengthen?  

I'd welcome your thoughts about the first question, and would delight to accompany you in addressing the second.  --Blessings, Suzi