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Minister Search July 19th, 2020

Update to the Congregation

July 19, 2020

An invitation to a “private pulpit” was extended to and accepted by the one candidate unanimously chosen by the Search Committee. We met in mid-July.

Following the guidelines established by our Governor, the Maine CDC, and South Church, we:

- Were led in worship by the candidate.

- Spent time asking questions and sharing information, ideas and experiences.

- Toured the church, parsonage, and community house.

- Enjoyed lunch on the river green.

- Conducted a “tour” of places of interest to the candidate.

After spending time with the candidate, we unanimously agreed to send a formal invitation to continue to the next phase of the process, and the candidate accepted.

Next the Search Committee will make a formal presentation to Central Board, which will include the Committee’s recommendation that this candidate become our settled minister.

Even after that important step, there remain other key steps before the congregation “meets” the candidate and is asked to take the final vote.

We remain mindful that our journey to a settled minister is a step-by-step process that will reach completion in God’s time.

Please pray with us that we will continue to be discerning, patient, and accepting of whatever God has planned for our community.

Peace and Blessings,

South Church Search Committee

Abby Dubay-Troiano

Greg Scott

Kathy Ewy

Mike Severance

Suzanne Austin

Joanne Hulsey


P.O. Box 414

2 North St.

Kennebunkport, ME   





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