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Minister Search Committee May 3, 2020

The last update from the Search Committee to the congregation was read during the service on Sunday, April 19. Later in the same week the update was distributed via e-mail and posted on our website.

As of May 1, we have received (30) Ministerial Profiles, (3) of which just arrived and are under review. By May 4th, (5) candidates will have had second interviews. (2) candidates are under consideration for a second interview. (20) candidates are no longer under consideration.

The Search Committee will be deciding, by consensus, which of the candidates who have completed second interviews will remain under consideration. We will be informed in large part by the candidates’ portfolios which will include the following:

Ministerial Profile (MP) and the corresponding spreadsheet with numerical ratings, reached by comparing the information in the MP to the established criteria based on South Church’s Profile, Survey and Summaries

Overall evaluation of the candidate from each committee member, also based on MP

Notes from first and second interviews with corresponding debriefing spreadsheets rating the candidate’s responses numerically plus an overall impression of the candidate

Any additional information about or from the candidate such as videos, newspaper articles, sermons, etc. As we progress, we have been validating the steps going forward by referencing the UCC Conference’s written resources and by asking clarifying questions of our UCC Conference consultants.

We meet via Zoom three times a week so we can continue to advance candidates, while accepting new applicants.

We will continue to follow our communication schedule to update the congregation on Sunday every two weeks.

We rely on prayer at the beginning and end of each meeting. While the words vary, we always thank God for being ever-present and ask for openness so we might hear God’s voice above all others, including our own.

Our shared journey to a settled minister is strengthened by our individual and community prayers. Thank you for your prayerful attention to the work of the Search Committee and for God’s plan for South Church.

May calm and wellness be yours, South Church Search Committee Abby Dubay-Troiano Greg Scott Kathy Ewy Mike Severance Suzanne Austin Joanne Hulsey


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