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Minister Search Committee May 31, 2020

The last update from the Search Committee to the congregation was read during the service on Sunday, May 17th. Later in the same week the update was distributed via e-mail and posted on our website.

As of May 28, we have received and reviewed (33) Ministerial Profiles and it’s been rewarding to do so. The backgrounds, experiences, and stories of these servants of God are each remarkable in some way.

As part of our rolling application process we continue to accept new Ministerial Profiles. Over the past two weeks, we have not received any new applicants.

At this time, there are (3) candidates of interest who will have completed three interviews with the Search Committee via Zoom and from whom references have been requested.

Questions for the candidates’ references have been developed and approved by our committee. Appointments with four references for each candidate will be conducted via Zoom, FaceTime, or conference call. Working in pairs, we will divide up the references for each candidate. While talking with references, one Search Committee member will ask the questions while the other will take notes.

This past week, Search Committee Co-Chairs Abby Dubay-Troiano and Greg Scott met with UCC Conference Consultant Rev. Deborah Blood for clarification and validation related to steps in the process and to discuss alternative options that might be required due to challenges posed by COVID-19.

The Search Committee continues to meet three to four times a week so that we can faithfully follow and execute all of the steps involved in this process to the best of our ability.

It’s a privilege to update the congregation every two weeks and we will continue to do so.

Each time we meet, opening and closing prayers provide both a foundation and a lens for our work.

Thank you for your continued prayers for South Church and the Search Committee. It is through prayer that we are joined together in community.

May calm and wellness be yours,

South Church Search Committee

Abby Dubay-Troiano

Greg Scott

Kathy Ewy

Mike Severance

Suzanne Austin

Joanne Hulsey


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