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Minister Search Committee Mar. 29, 2020

The last update from the Search Committee was written for Sunday, March 15 but was not read because church was cancelled due to the pandemic. However, the update was emailed to the South Church community and posted on the website.

As of March 29, we have received 26 Ministerial Profiles. Review of these profiles, often supplemented with additional information we have requested, has resulted in our sending 14 candidates a letter indicating that they are no longer under consideration.

To date we have held first interviews with five candidates and are scheduling interviews with three more. It has been a privilege to meet these interesting and diverse individuals. The process and interview questions we developed have worked very well with each applicant.

The format for the interviewing process has been effective: Three committee members ask the questions and interact directly with the candidates. The other four committee members are “off camera” taking notes, serving as time-keepers, and adding questions at key moments.

All meetings and interviews are happening via Zoom. While we have had a few technical challenges, overall this platform is working very well for us.

Regularly scheduled meetings of the committee continue to be on Monday mornings from 8:00-10:00 and Wednesday evenings from 5:00-7:00. We have added a third, shorter meeting to give us time to move ahead with interviews and also evaluating profiles from new candidates. We rely heavily on objective evaluation tools and discerning subjectivity as we practice consensus decision-making in all areas of our work.

The focus of the committee for the upcoming two weeks will be as follows:

• Continue to review and evaluate any new Ministerial Profiles that are sent to us.

• Continue to schedule and conduct first interviews with viable candidates and debrief immediately following each interview.

• Firm up the second interview questions and process.

• Begin scheduling and conducting second interviews with the candidates who show the most potential.

• As new profiles are reviewed, request additional information if needed and then determine the status of these pending candidates once the additional information has been received.

• Follow the communication schedule with all candidates.

• Continue to update the tracking spreadsheet, our information management tool.

• Finalize questions for references so that these are in place when needed.

Our work and relationships have benefited from the power of prayer, scripture, poetry, and inspirational writing, which have been an essential part of every meeting. This week we share some of the words that have made us feel stronger and more able: Scripture teaches that we will be renewed and able to face what’s wearing us down, because “the yoke [of Jesus] is easy and the burden is light” (Matthew 11:28-39) and from C.S. Lewis: “God does not love us because we are good but we are good because God loves us.”

We will continue to follow our communication schedule to update the congregation on Sunday every two weeks. The same message will be emailed to the full congregation and posted on our website as soon as possible that same week.

Thank you for your patience, prayers, and respect for confidentiality. Daily prayer uplifts us now and will strengthen our community once our search has been completed.


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