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Minister Search Committee Mar 15, 2020

The last update from the Search Committee was read on March 1.

-As of March 13th, we have received 22 Ministerial Profiles.

-By March 16th, we will have conducted first interviews with three candidates.

-We are conducting interviews using Zoom Go To Meeting. All first interviewees will experience the same format and will be asked the same interview questions. First interview questions are based on the criteria that was established from our church’s profile, survey, and summaries. Responses by the candidates are being measured against these same criteria. At the end of each interview, the candidate is given an opportunity to ask questions, which has been a highlight of the interviews thus far.

During the interview, three committee members ask questions and interact directly with the candidates, while the other four committee members, who are “off camera,” are taking notes,

serving as time-keepers, and are adding questions at key moments.

-Regularly scheduled meetings of the committee continue to be on Monday mornings from 8:00-10:00 and Wednesday evenings from 5:30-7:30. However some meetings have been lengthened to accommodate the interviewing of candidates and a committee debrief immediately following.

We have discussed adding a third meeting this upcoming week to ensure that we stay on schedule with reviewing and evaluating new Ministerial Profiles, following our communica-

tion plan with all applicants and conducting interviews.

On March 16, the committee will be discussing what, if any, changes we should make to our meeting format and interview schedule because of COVID-19.

-A member of the Search Committee provided a brief update to the Deacons on March 10 to share insights after having attended worship services at other churches and having spoken with newly settled ministers from UCC churches in Saco and Cumberland. The following advice was shared with the deacons: Use the interim period to engage the congregation in conversations about change. Make some changes, even small ones, during this time. Churches who take these steps typically experience a smoother transition with their settled minister.

-The focus of the committee this upcoming week will be as follows:

• Interview two more candidates.

• Review Ministerial Profiles and assess the four newest candidates.

• Determine the status of pending candidates who have submitted additional information, as requested by the committee.

• Follow the communication schedule with all candidates.

• Continue to update the tracking spreadsheet, our information management tool.

-Our work and relationships have benefited from the power of prayer, scripture, poetry, and inspirational writing, which have been an essential part of every meeting. Our prayers now include thanking God for all of the candidates who have thus far expressed an interest in South Church. God has sent us the young and older, female and male, gay and straight, those with children and those without. Ministers who have felt called to participate in our search collectively possess diverse backgrounds, talents, theology and ethnicities. We thank God for this diversity of choice and pray that it continues.

-We will continue to follow our communication schedule to update the congregation on Sunday every two weeks. We will send out the same message via e-mail to Sarah for the newsletter and to Rachael Barter to post on our website as soon as possible that same week.

Thank you for your patience, prayers, and respect for confidentiality. Daily prayer uplifts us now and will strengthen our community once our search has been completed.


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