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Minister Search Committee Aug 2, 2020

Good News! After 9 months and more than 75 meetings the Search Committee would like to share that we identified and unanimously recommended a candidate to become the next settled minister of South Congregational church. On July 28, the Search Committee enthusiastically presented our recommendation to the Central Board who unanimously voted to support the candidate nominated by the Search Committee to be called as the next settled minister of South Church.

We are delighted to describe this joint meeting of the entire Central Board and Search Committee more fully. First, there was a detailed two-part slide presentation designed to:

- Describe the criteria and process developed and followed by the Search Committee to evaluate all candidates;

- Name the candidate and provide a picture; and

- Provide details about the candidates’s extensive experience, background, spirituality, talents, vision, and wildly abundant appeal.

After the presentation and subsequent questions and discussion, the Search Committee left the meeting so the Central Board could process the information and vote on the candidate. A short time later, the Search Committee was invited to rejoin the meeting, learn of the good news, and celebrate the joy of unanimously reaching agreement.

While the Central Board’s approval is a significant milestone in our search for a settled minister, there is more to be done. We will continue to take the few remaining steps in the process, trusting that God will guide us. We are daring to dream, but remain cautious as we are called to do until after the vote of the South Church membership.

How can you help?

- Continue to pray.

- Remain patient - all will unfold in God’s time.

- Honor the need for ongoing confidentiality - no questions please.

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