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Minister Search Committee Jan 19, 2020 Update

On January 8, we updated the Central Board at their meeting.

Also on January 8, our Ad and Prospectus were submitted to the appropriate staff

at the Maine Conference office. After our documents were “validated” (a UCC

term and process), they were posted on January 16.

Based on conversations with Rev. Deborah Blood, our UCC support person,

initially we will be receiving profiles primarily from ministers who are seriously

interested in a new opportunity, but who may not have yet zeroed in on South


On a weekly basis, Deborah will send us a list of candidates who have asked that

our search committee receive their Ministerial Profiles, or an update indicating

that there were no candidates for that particular week.

In preparation for receiving these Ministerial Profiles, we are finalizing the process

for reviewing and ranking candidates, as well as tools for recording and filing the

data we will need to make decisions.

On Monday, January 20, we will also be finalizing our criteria - or standards -

against which to evaluate candidates.

We have begun drafting interview questions, which will be finalized within the next

two weeks. We will continue to provide the congregation with committee updates

every two weeks.

Thank you for your continued prayers and ongoing respect for confidentiality.


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