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Minister Search Committee Feb 2, 2020 Update

Over the past two weeks, our weekly meetings have been extended so we can complete the tasks before us and keep the process moving forward. In addition, between meetings, we have spent an increasing amount of time to develop the tools and process needed for the remainder of the search.

We added an extra meeting to the schedule, so we could meet with Rev. Deborah Blood, our UCC support person, on January 29. We met to ensure that we are clear about the process going forward and to tap into her experience with other search committees.

As of today, we have received eight Ministerial Profiles. Now that we have reached this phase of the search, we recognize the need for and are committed to spending the additional meeting time needed to fully review and discuss the Ministerial Profiles and subsequent information submitted by candidates.

We have agreed on the following process:

-A letter of acknowledgement will be sent to each applicant when profiles are received.

-All candidates will hear about the status of their application within three weeks of its receipt. For those candidates in whom we are interested, the South Church Profile Report will be sent to the candidate at this time.

-Candidate information will be recorded on a tracking sheet and all profiles and correspondence will be stored electronically in our group's dedicated file in Google Drive. This helps with efficiency and confidentiality.

-Committee members will read all Ministerial Profiles as soon as they are available, and then review them a second time to rank them based on established criteria. We developed the criteria based on the Church Profile, Survey, Summaries from the congregation, and a list of criteria developed by the UCC.

-We will be using a shared scoring tool for every candidate. In addition to ranking candidates numerically, we will have extensive conversations about each candidate. This will ensure that we have a more subjective assessment of applicants, which is also important. This combination of evaluating candidates based on subjective and objective information should facilitate reaching consensus on whom to interview.

-Interview questions for ministerial candidates are being drafted, as are questions to ask when we contact references. Both sets of questions will be finalized before we need them.

-We are using a rolling selection process. This means that even as Ministerial Profiles are received and processed, we will begin to interview qualified candidates of interest. We will manage this combined process until we have agreed upon a final candidate we all recommend. Working this way, we can expedite the process, without limiting access to strong candidates.

-We will continue to follow our communication schedule to update the congregation on Sunday every two weeks and send out the same message via email as soon as possible that same week.

We have relied upon each other and the power of prayer to guide this work. We cannot thank you enough for the spiritual lift you provide each time you pray for our search for a settled minister and for the well-being of South Church.


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