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Minister Search Committee Jan 5, 2020 Update

The last update of the Search Committee was December 6. The committee continues to meet weekly with each member working on action items between meetings.

We are pleased to report the following to you:

- The Ad, Prospectus, and a required form will be sent to Rev. Deborah Blood, our conference support person by January 7. These will be posted on the state and national UCC websites after Deborah returns from vacation January 8. She will continue to work with us, along with Rev. Darren Morgan of the Maine UCC Conference, who manages the website posting process.

-We continue to rely on the Church Profile Report, the Research Summary of the online survey, as well as all 18 summaries of the small group discussions to inform our decisions.

-Therefore, we cross referenced the content of these two documents with quotes and other information given to us by the Profile Committee to ensure that the Ad and Prospectus are in alignment.

-We continue to reach consensus on all decisions. This has, at times, resulted in lengthy discussions to be sure that each committee member, and whoever they represent from our congregation, is always fully heard and their views understood, so that decisions are acceptable to everyone on the committee.

Next Steps:

-Complete the posting process with Rev. Blood and Rev. Morgan

-Update the Central Board at its January Meeting

-Formalize and implement the process for receiving and reviewing applications and conduciting interviews

We on the Search Committee thank you for your continued prayers. We also thank you for your understanding about the importance of patience and confidentiality to this process.


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