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Plan your Visit


South Church is in the heart of the lower village. If you’ve walked over the bridge opposite the Clam Shack, you may have even taken a picture of the River Green, our Steeple and one of the Dory’s our member moors in the waters. The Sanctuary is at 2 North Street, the River Green beside, the Community House, where we host many events, at 8 Temple Street directly across from the post office.

Sunday worship is at 10:30 during the most of the year. In the summer months, from mid June until the Sunday after Labor day worship is at 9:30. (please check the events calendar. Sometimes we worship on the Green. If you have a folding chair, bring it along. If not, we will welcome you to use one of ours.

Parking during the off season, feel free to part on the street or in the public lot behind Alison’s restaurant, or on the street. During the summer, DO NOT park on the street, as you will likely be ticketed. But there is ample parking in the Public Lot behind Alison’s restaurant. Parking is Free until noon for South Church friends and visitors. Be sure to bring your parking ticket and stamp it (The greeter will help you.)

Mobility Challenged: If you are mobility challenged, pull into our parking lot to the right of the church, even if all the spaces are taken. Standing at our back door will be our Sexton to help you find parking, and to assist you with our “stair chair lift.”

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