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SUNDAY JULY 17th at 9:00AM

It is back, and in person this year with a wonderful route at Kennebunk Beach.  There is a 5K run/walk and a Kid's Fun Run. Since CaringUnlimited scheduled the run/walk for Sunday July 17th at 9 am, Rev. Susan cannot run.  But you can!  You have an excused absence from church!  Click here to register and look for our South Church Team for Ellie.  You do need to say "yes" to being a fundraiser, even if you will not do so.  
If you want to donate, you may send a check to the church with Ellie's Walk in the memo line.  Click here to donate --scroll to the bottom and click  search for "Karen Wilson" or "South Church Team for Ellie."  All money raised by SCC team members will be matched by a generous anonymous donor from our church  The event raises money for programs that help families experiencing domestic abuse and violence through whatever uncertainties they face. through Caring Unlimited.