May 2020, Covid-19 Update

During the month of May, worship services at South Church will continue to be pre-recorded and broadcast via YouTube, through a link on our website,  At present, the Community House and the church building remain closed to the general public with access for essential work only.  We ask that during any essential visits, you follow the safety protocols below.  South Church Central Board will be reviewing current reopening policies and formulating a plan to move toward opening our church and properties again.


Stay safe, and support each other, knowing God is with us, throughout this pandemic and always.  


Safety protocols

--Please stay home if you are not feeling well or have had contact with a COVID-infected person

--Keep 6 feet apart from anyone else (or wear a face covering if that is not possible)

--Use hand sanitizer (or wash your hands), or use gloves, and touch as few surfaces as possible

--Gatherings of more than 10 people are not authorized in May. 

June 10th Building Reminder

June 10, 2020

SCC Friends,

When the Covid-19 struck, we at South Church said we wanted to protect our staff. And in regards to that we agreed on a few "rules". The rules looked like this.


  1. The church is not open to any public or private events. It is open only for staff to be able to continue their tasks to help keep South Church active in Ministry. We agreed to be protective of our staff and respectful of them. We don't want anyone to be compromised.

  2. We agreed when we need to come to the building we would call first and let staff know we were coming.

  3. We agreed we would all wear masks.

  4. We agreed that roaming the building would not be helpful as anything touched needs to be cleaned, wiped and sanitized.

  5. If we do not know who has been in the building, where they have been and what they have touched, we are potentially putting our dedicated staff in jeopardy. None of us wish to do that. We recognize this is a very different policy than pre-Covid times. And sometimes we all "forget". Let's please work harder at not forgetting. It is very disconcerting to be working in the building and suddenly hearing folks walking around and going from room to room. We appreciate your care, respect and thoughtfulness.