South Congregational Church
United Church of Christ

Kennebunkport, Maine

Standing Committees 2011

Minister: Charles H. Whiston
207-967-2793 (Church)


Chair: Cindy Brockway
Vice-Chair: Loralie Mildner
Clerk: Gill Page
Treasurer: David Reid


Co-Property Managers:
Bill Clark
Steve Hanna

Chair: Gail Wolfahrt
Secretary: Suzanne Stohlman
Wayne Brockway
Tim Dunn
Barbara Rencurrel
Phyllis Russell
Sandy Severance


Chair: Steve Spofford
Vice Chair: Liz Baker
Anne Allaire
Bill Allaire
Linda Hanna
David Reid
Jeanne Roberts
Joe Rolland
Joyce Stobo
Susan Twombly
Linda Wiewel

Christian Education Board

Chair: Beth Gachowski
Joe Foster
Members: Michelle Bishop, Mary Boswell, Trish Mason, Heather McLaughlin, Judy Merrow, Jennifer Merry, Kathryn Thorndike, Ann Tracy

Outreach Board

Chair: Susan Walters
Co-Chair: Nancy Jandro
Members: Elizabeth Brockway, Darnice Cook, Jeanne Dunn, Linda Hill, Richard Hastings, Martha Hussey, Beth Simpson-Robie, Judy Wilcox

Fellowship/Hospitality Committee

Chair: June Short
Liz Baker, Wayne Brockway, Joanna Dillon, Sue MacCachran, Trish Mason
Louise Negley

Library Committee

Members: Joanna Dillon, Mary Harmon, Gwen Page, June Short, Morven Troost

Music Committee

Chair: Bob Card
Vice Chair: Pattie Berger
Bethany Berger, CC Clapp, Elsa Geskus, Megan Grassi, Sue MacCachran, Kelly McLaughlin, Jeff Troiano

Scholarship Committee

Kitty Bassett, Ken Hills, Phyllis Russell

Women's Association

President: Cindy Clement
Vice President: Morven Troost
Secretary: June Short
Treasurer: Ros Whalon
Program: Nancy Spooner
Auditor: Ann Jones
Ex Officio: Sandy Severance

Personnel Committee

Chair: Loralie Mildner
Vice-Chair: Cindy Brockway
Diaconate Rep: Anne Allaire
Trustee Rep: Barbara Rencurrel
Members at Large: Joe Foster


Sandy Severance

Conference Delegates

Lois Dennett, Marcia Landry, Virginia McLaughlin

Church Staff

Dir. of Christian Education: Stefanie Moreland
Organist/Choir Director: Paul & Rebecca Schnell
Office Administrator: Sarah McComish
Assistant Treasurer: Brenda Phillips
Sexton: Selden Crocker

Central Board Minutes
June 15, 2011

Minister's Report: Rev. Charles Whiston commented on the rich variety of announcements that have appeared on the back of the Sunday bulletin them of mission, fellowship, outreach, music, women's association, Christian Ed, and a Baptism, all reflecting who we are as a Church.

Continuing Business:
a. Leadership Task Force- Richard Driver and Charles have met every three weeks with committees and will report at the July 20th meeting.
b. Communications Task Force-A questionnaire via "Survey Monkey" on the internet has been sent to the congregation to glean their preferred mode of receiving church news. Results are forthcoming.
c. Stewardship- A Stewardship letter is in process which addresses the issue of the deficit and the need to meet the budget for next year.

Committee Reports:

Music - A meeting on June 5th produced ideas for enhancing and enriching worship.

Women's Association - Twenty-two persons were helpful at the Church

Outreach - People from South Church will participate in Nicole's Run on July 16th as the "South Church Team is for Ellie." Space in the church sheds has been offered to a host church needing to store buckets to be available for flood victims.

Fellowship - Summer activities include "Crazy for You" at the Arundel Barn Theatre on June 28th, and a Seadogs Game on July 31st.

Deacons -. Six new members will join the church on June 26th. Sharing a book with Charlie continues to be rewarding. Rev. Charles Whiston will share the pulpit this Sunday the 18th with Rev. Derek White from First Congregational Church. Hours for the worship service change to 9:30 a.m. starting June 26th.

Scholarship -The committee has reviewed applications.

Trustees - The weathervane is up and the re-roofing of the cupola is occurring as is reworking of the lighting. The vestibule is awaiting the hanging of a new chandelier and replacing redone furniture. The columns in front need painting. The garden designed by Sarah Nelson is an addition to the grounds as are the shrubs under the sign. A door from the nursery to the downstairs bathroom is being planned. The furnace is being replaced and the ducts are being checked. Signs or plants are needed to keep cars off the grass around the Community House. The Trustees are developing a Community House policy. Before rental to other groups, the alcohol question needs to be addressed and renovations are needed.

Channel 6 filmed the raising of the Weathervane to be viewed about 5:30 on June16th, but they will make a DVD available for the Church. The York County Coast Star is also doing a story about it.

Trustees Minutes
June 14, 2011

Treasurer's Report

Income and expenditures are tracking normally. The steeple will be done by the end of the month- re-roofing the cupola and extending the lightning protection. The pole and weather vane will go up June 15. The steeple and vestibule will be paid for from the Steeple Fund and this year's maintenance budget. We will pay down the loan as the rest of the pledges come in. The interest rate on the loan will come to about 5%. Any amount outstanding at the end of June 2011 will start to amortize.

A letter from the Trustees to the congregation concerning our budgeted short fall and the need to fill the difference will go out with the 6 month statements which will be mailed around July 7.

Property Managers' Report

Fabric for the sofas and chair in upper vestibule has been Okayed. Informatin about the screen door for the front central door can be found at
The old furnaces have been removed and ducts will be inspected to determine the need for cleaning. Columns on the front portico need painting. With lead paint we need to either remove it or simply rebind it which will be less expensive.

New Business:

Someone from the Maine Preservation/Field Service Program has been contacted to provide a preliminary overview of the needs of the church, both structural and historic. They will summarize their findings and provide a report with suggestions for short range (5-7 years) and long range (out to 50 years) goals.

Internal Control System: We have received a folder with recommendations and issues we need to follow through.

New Chairs in the foyer were donated with no strings attached. We can do with them as we best see fit.

Fuel Contract: We use about 5,000 gallons a year on the three buildings. Since oil prices are so unpredictable research needs to be done and a plan to be firmed up very soon.

Stewardship: Central Board has taken initiative to start early with a letter to several people who might serve on the committee or be helpful with ideas.

Alcohol Guidelines were distributed and will be discussed at the next meeting .

River Green: Cars have been parking on the grass. We will inquire about a No Parking/Tow Zone sign until we can put some boulders and possibly Rosa Rugosa bushes to prevent vehicle access to the green.

Community House: We have communicated with someone who is very serious about renting the space for business meetings and small parties with food service. An interior designer has been asked to provide plans for renovations which could be done in stages. We would like to recoup the expenses of running the Community House from rentals.