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I've been reading The Book of Joy by Archbishop Desmond Tutu and the Dalai Lama.  They each speak of suffering and how that has the power to unite us with others around the globe, a timely message.  Certainly the suffering of Christ and his humanity on the cross connects us in powerful ways.  The resurrection, gives us hope that new light dawns upon us.  God is not done with us yet. In facing obstacles and challenges in life, Archbishop Desmond Tutu states, "And in a kind of paradoxical way, it is how we face all of the things that seem to be negative in our lives that determines the kind of person we become.” We are often shaped by events not of our own choosing or desire. Yet we set our new course and take the next step.

As winter is now in the past and spring arrives in southern Maine, we begin to explore the new season before us.  We are no longer the same people who entered the shadows of winter months earlier.  Now enlightened.  Now wiser.  Now more able and ready to make the journey.              Rev. Charles



 Reflections from BackBay Mission Biloxi, MS 2017...

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